Angels & Assassins by K Alex Walker

Angels and Assassins in not your average romance novel. Tayler is a small town physician with a heart of gold who stumbles upon a stranger attempting to end his life.  Instead of allowing him to wallow in his misery, she saves him and allows him to sleep off his misery in an old house that was willed to her.  As a way to repay her, Gage assigns himself to the task of renovating the old home for her, but soon learns that, Tayler's life is in danger.  Pairing up with her dog, Ares, Gage vows to protect her with his life.  Gage learns that the angel sent to save his life will need a savior of her own. Amidst preventing Tayler from becoming entangled in the grasp of a serial killer, a romance ensues.  This book was non-stop romance, action and suspense.  The author took us on a roller coaster ride inside the character's minds; a woman who wants to save the world, a man who carries guilt and blame for the loss of his loved ones, and a psychotic killer who has his eyes set on the perfect prey.  I am singing the praises of K Alex Walker.  This book was nothing short of phenomenal.  I stayed up until after midnight—with a 5am alarm looming in the distance—just to finish and I have no regrets.  Please continue and write about Gage's friends.  They are amazing enough to have their own stories...especially Giorgio. Readers, I assure you, if you pick up this book, clear your schedule because you won't put it down.

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