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Review of Cracked by Obsession

Where do I begin? This was one of the craziest relationship stories I have ever met. It held my attention from the first page with constant drama, witty comebacks, gruesome crimes, and a dip into the mind of a person with multiple personalities. Erika is a devoted wife, but her mistake is choosing to stay for too long, and holding on to a man who had let her go a long time ago. Dominique is a cheater like no other. He has no remorse for his cheating and views his lovers as notches on his belt (which is quickly running out of room). Erika's days are spent searching for her husband and begging for his affection, that is...until his infidelities decide to show up at her door one by one, changing Erika's life forever.  The drama that ensues will have your heart racing and your fingers bleeding form the paper cuts you will receive trying to turn the pages in order to find out what comes next. Cracked will prove that love really ain't ish.

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