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2019 Accountability Academy Week #1
Accountability Academy (1).png

For 2019, I have partnered with a group of friends to create an accountability academy. We have pledged to do the work to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves this year. 2019 is the year of change. The year of accomplishment. The year when excuses are no longer acceptable. I have decided to make our journey and the assignments that we are doing to better ourselves available to others who may not necessarily have people to share with.

Assignment #1: Choose one word (I have two) that will be your mantra for 2019. This word will serve as your focus for the year and the majority of your goals will be centered around it.

Example: My word is focus. I chose focus because I feel lost at times and unsure of the direction I should take. My secondary word is faith. I need to increase my faith and stop worrying.

Come on and take this journey to a better you. If you would like to participate and want someone to check in with you, please contact me on all of my platforms.