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Where Have You Gone?

What do you do when the one from which you draw your strength suddenly becomes weak? How can you hold on when the person who always has your back seems broken beyond repair? I need G. I need him like to come back from the dark place that his mind has taken him and be the man he once was.  He's still in there...I can see him in the depths of his eyes.  I wish I could understand what he sees...hear what he hears...breathe what he breathes. I want to know what's going on inside his head. What has him so...lost? The tears flow like the mighty Mississippi. What snapped? What caused the damn to break? What drove him to the edge? What has him hiding in that place? How long will he be gone? I need a plan needs the sun, like air and water. He's my nourishment. The center of the world. Keeping us grounded like gravity.

Where are you? Where have you gone? How thick is this forest that you're wandering through? Sometimes, there appears to be a clearing in the trees, giving you a moment of lucidity.  Are there birds that will sing to him? Their melody providing a soundtrack to lead him back to us.  Does he hum along? Can he hear my voice in their song? I see him there, so close, yet still beyond my reach.  My hand is outstretched to him. He retreats into the trees. He's pushed to the bring...teetering on the edge.

Whose plan was this? Why does my love have to suffer? He's a mythical phoenix. And like that bird, he will rise from these ashes victorious and renewed. Come back to me my love. Whenever you're ready, I'll be right here waiting. Come back...I need you.

Doing it My Way

I've had the last few days to just relax, not think about work and troll the internet since a virus had me bed bound. The more I scrolled, the more I saw a trend...women, climbing the ladder, reaching the top, and proclaiming their prosperity. On one hand, I think it's an amazing thing; women making a name for themselves and carving out a world where they are equally successful as their male counterparts.  But, on the other hand, it kind of makes me sad.  Why? When I think back on my childhood memories of my mom, the one thing that stands out the most was that she was always working. Basketball games, track meets, awards ceremonies, plays, church events...she was always working. I never had the pleasure of having my own mother cheer me on, and on senior night, one of my aunts would fill in.

It's kind of like being successful in career and business has been added to the list of pressure already applied to the requirements of today's women. Be pretty, be smart, be sexy, have your own, be famous, be a mogul, etc., etc. It's as if being a mother and a wife have disappeared.  Like catering to your husband and family are no longer a part of a woman's vocabulary.  I know, the feminists will probably attack me, but I just want to be great to the people who matter to me most.  I just want to do things in the order that God intended. Not that working and having a career is wrong, it's just the fact that I know that, in all of this, the children suffer. (Let's face it, in this day and age, it takes two income to raise children half-way decent) I was there too; continuing to educate myself, standing on the rungs of the corporate ladder, and striving to make a name for myself in the field, but I am grateful that God has caused me to have a change of heart.  When I actually sit down and evaluate everything, my degrees, my position, a title, or the initials behind my name don't mean a thing if I'm not using them to please God.  In reality, my heart's desire is to be the best child of God, wife, mother, and sister I can be, and none of that requires me to have a PhD, make six-figures, or have thousands of followers.  I'm trying to get there...slowly but surely. If being on top is what you desire, by all means, get your money, as for me, I'm okay staying in my own lane and being my own competition.

The Question Is...

Answer the question. What's holding you back? What's stopping you from being the person that you want to be? What's preventing you from reaching your goals? What's standing in the way of your destiny? It could be one thing, or a combination of many things. Either way, the obstacles in your life have to be overcome in order for you to move forward into your future. In order for you to get ahead, you have to push those things out-of-the-way, and walk into your season of success.  The time is seize the moment, to be who you are destined to be, and to hold the person in the mirror accountable for fulfilling their destiny.  What are you waiting for? Opportunity? Well, opportunity is what you create. Despite what people say, it doesn't knock on your door; you have to go out and find it.Go out and grab your destiny by the horns and take charge. You are the master of your own destiny, the author of your own biography, and the star of your own Emmy award-winning sitcom. Where you land on the charts is totally up to you. Stop waiting for someone to make you an offer, and go out and get your blessings.


Choices. We all have to make them, and some may be tougher than others.  Many times, people fail to take responsibility for the choices that they have made in their lives, and choose to blame others (and God) for the turn their lives have taken. The blame will be tenfold if the consequences of those choices are steep. If you've ever been to church, or had an intimate conversation with your grandma, you've heart the saying, 'All things work according to the will of God.'   Many people use this quote as an excuse to wallow in the misery of the consequences of their choices.

Why am I so big on choices? Choices are all around us. Whether we choose between chocolate or vanilla ice cream, or quitting our job and becoming an entrepreneur, making choices is a constant part of our life.  The problem I have is, people fail to realize that, many times, the things we choose in our lives may not just affect us, but our spouse, our children, and all of our descendants.  Now, I'm not saying that there isn't a higher power watching over us.  I am most certainly a woman of faith and I know for sure that God does have a plan for each and every one of us, but as humans, we have free will and the ability to choose for ourselves.

Every choice we make has its own set of consequences, and since we are the one making the choice, we can't blame anyone else for what happens to us, when we consciously chose to do something.  Here's an example.  Think of God as a father (He is our heavenly Father) who takes out a college fund for his only daughter.  He's worked hard and saved with plans for this daughter to attend college and become a physician. Things appear to be going along fine until, ten days before graduation, his daughter comes home and tells him that she's fallen in love, and is foregoing college to get married instead. Of course, he is devastated. He warns her of all the things that could go wrong, but she gets married  anyway.  The marriage ends after a year and the daughter returns home. Her father never lost his plan for her future, her college fund is still there, and she's still able to enroll in school.  She's still able to accomplish her dream. She may have some baggage, but she's able to become a physician just like her father planned.

Take this example and apply it to your life. God does have a purpose for our will work according to His plan, but oftentimes, he has to work around our choices. He makes a detour in our road to destruction for us to accomplish what we need to accomplish.  If we're obedient and follow the plan that's been set for you, He will give you your hearts desire. His will shall be fulfilled.  One thing I have learned, God is faithful.  He will continue to protect us, continue to guide us, and will never leave our side.  Even with all of this, we still must realize that every choice comes at a price, You must decide if you are willing to pay it.

Choose wisely.

Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work -Thomas Edison
Opportunity is missed by people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work -Thomas Edison

Today, while working with a group of teens and mentors, we did an exercise that was mind-blowing and set me on a new path for the upcoming year.  I have always been one to continuously look for ways to better myself, my brand, and pursue a path of excellence in regards to my personal and professional lives.  I mean, what other way is there to do it...if you plan to do anything, then do it to the best of your ability.  First, we were asked to identify common brands like Nike, Tropicana, BMW, etc. just by looking at the company's logo.  Next, we were shown three pictures, one of which was Donald Trump, and asked to tell what we thought about those brands.  Using the momentum from these activities, we were then asked to fill out a form with the following requirements: 1.) List 6 things that you say about your brand (yourself) 2.) List 6 things other people say about your brand and 3.) List 6 things you want your brand to say 10 years from now.  When I tell you, I took this activity so SERIOUS! Like for real.  The words I wrote about myself, especially the words that I wrote about myself and my brand ten years from now, are hanging on my vision board for me to look at on a daily basis.  Seeing those words in writing made those goals more than real for me.  Sometimes, we have to back away from all the distractions around us, take a moment to think, and really develop a plan for our future.  Where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? What steps are you taking to get there? When you look deep within yourself, visualize the place that you want to be in life, and the path you want to take with your future, it is absolutely amazing the things that you can accomplish.  Take a moment and make the list above, in order to go in the right direction for the upcoming year.  2016 can be a year of greatness for you if you just take the time to put it all in writing.  In the words of Erykah Badu, 'Write it down on real paper with a real pencil, and watch things get real.' Do the work.