About the author

Tanasia Thomas is a passionate writer who hails from the Tampa Bay area.  She describes herself as someone who cannot be placed into a box, strives to be the exception to the rule, and always chooses to blaze her own trail rather than follow the crowd.  Tanasia is the author of four novels, and sole contributor to her blog: Musings of Susamae, filled with opinion, book reviews, fashion, poetry and personal revelations.  More than just a writer, Tanasia is a high school biomedical science teacher, registered nurse, and public health enthusiast who lives by the personal mantra: Never lie to the person in the mirror. When she isn’t writing, she spends her time reading, shopping, traveling and spending time with her husband and sons.  


What is Musings of Susamae All About

Musings of Susamae is a blog about life, the lessons I’ve learned, and my feelings about those things.  This blog is a blog about whatever is on my mind, how I’m feeling, what I think, what I love and sharing those feelings with the world.  What am I trying to accomplish with this blog? I want to enlighten the world, bring truth to light, address controversy (oh, and there will be controversy), talk about what I love, help someone, encourage, and most of all, pay tribute to what’s right in the world; in my world.

The first section is Musings. These are my thoughts and feelings about things in the world. You’re liable to find anything and everything in this section from a blog post about the conversations I have with my students to issues I have with family or something that I’ve read or saw in the media. The next section is Life Lessons.  These are things that I learn as I travel and take this journey called life.  Style, that title says it all. It’s where I post outfits I’m digging, things I’m wearing and items I’ve purchased that I can’t get enough of.  Poetry showcases original poems written by yours truly and lastly, Sneak Peek is a preview of my book Issues due out Summer 2014 and all the other books I’ve been working on.


Why I Wrote Musings of Susamae

Thank you for reading my blog.  I really appreciate it.  I actually started this blog as a release of the many thoughts and feelings that I find myself holding inside.  Although a blog is certainly more public and lacking anonymity, I’ve found that there are many people who share my views, look forward to what I have to say and are interested in knowing me.  This blog is my release, my liberation, my freedom and I pray that it reaches you into your soul.

My credentials include being a wife, mother of two, a daughter, a sister of two brothers, a niece, cousin and friend.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Public Health.  I have been a nurse for the past ten years and, two years ago recently transitioned to being a high school Biomedical Science teacher.  Educating young people keeps me in the loop with what is going on in their world; what they’re seeing, how they’re feeling and what is on their minds.

Words to Live By

Always be true to you. Never back down from what you feel is right. The easy way is not always the right way. Always keep your word and never loan more than you’re willing to give away.  Lastly, early is on time and on time is late.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy.