Smoke & Mirrors Character Check-In

There is a saying that goes, ‘What you don’t know, can’t hurt you’, but I beg to differ. I’ve learned first-hand that secrets can destroy your entire life.  Of course, I’ve had secrets of my own, but the people around me, now they are a different story all together.  There I was, taking a day off from being a young mother/physician, seeking solitude on the beach when this guy almost hit me with his car.  I mean, I was in the middle of the street, but nobody told my keys to land there.  To make a long story short, this sexy specimen—who belongs on the cover of GQ—mesmerized me with his smile, pursued me like a gentlemen and made me fall in love. You see, I’d sworn off men after my previous relationship, but Gabe came along and changed all that…or so I thought.  Now my ex, Ace, he was a typical drug dealer; foolish, abusive, greedy, and unfaithful. He’s the reason I ended up in Miami in the first place; I had to find a way to pursue my dreams and start my life all over again. But wait…there’s more.  I didn’t leave Tampa empty handed. No, I’m too smart of a woman for that.  I knew that Ace would most certainly pursue me so, I had to have a little insurance that he wouldn’t just come and drag me back.  We’ll get to that part in a few.

So, Gabe and I have an amazing relationship.  He spoils me, loves my daughter, and is so smart and business savvy, not to mention he allows me to be an independent woman while still being the perfect man.  I mean, what more could a girl ask for than a man whose drive and ambition matches her own.  Then, as to be expected, things are a little too good to be true.  You see, Ace hasn’t given up his search for me.  In fact, he’s enlisted some help, but the only problem is, I can see them coming a mile away.  You see, although I lost my parents at a young age, and it may seem like I’m not street savvy, but my mother taught me very well.  Considering who her family was…well, now you’ll just have to read the book to figure that part out.  Like I said, I’m no fool and I’ve learned to protect myself…even when others count me out.

Now, I want you to read my story, and decide for yourself.  Are secrets ever worth keeping? Would you want someone to tell you the truth, even if it could ruin your relationship or change your entire life? Would you want to know the truth or live in ignorant bliss? Could you forgive those who betray you or would that be the end of the relationship? Gabe and I love each other deeply, but in the midst of our love affair, we soon learn that blood is thicker than water, lust is a weapon more deadly than any bullet, jealousy is a potent poison and money is truly the root of all evil. We each hold secrets that could ruin our relationship and change our lives forever. As friends become foes, the past comes back for a second chance and secrets are revealed, can our love pass the test when skeletons start to come out of the closet? You be the judge.  Keep in touch with me on my page:




Dr. Pierce James-Hampton


Smoke & Mirrors Series Main Character


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