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Smoke & Mirrors 3

Pierce has her hands full. Managing her charity, medical practice, and family is harder than it looks, especially when you are the object of someone’s obsession. Someone who will do anything to make her his possession. Gabe has issues of his own. Each day that passes by, Domingo becomes more and more disrespectful, someone keeps intercepting the Cartel’s shipments and, once again, he has secrets that could tear his marriage apart. Tish is a changed woman, or so it seems. She finally has the life that she wants; a job with status, a life of luxury, and the love of a man who adores her. Tish vows to let nothing stand in the way of her happiness, especially not family. Breeze is trying his best to be a good father to his daughters. He feels like he’s making progress until one of them decides she wants to take a walk on the wild side, placing more than just herself in danger. In this final installment of Smoke & Mirrors, will secrets finally take their toll or will the love they all share be powerful enough to keep their family together?

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Dudoir Confessions Character Check-In: The Pretty Boy
Khyree Jeffeson
Khyree Jeffeson

I'm Khyree, the only married one in the group, but also the one with the most women problems.  Technically, I'm living a double life. You see, I have a wife at home, and although we didn't get married under the best of circumstances. Actually, Jessica tricked me, but I've still got love for her. Then, there's my mistress Quianna. We have major history which makes it harder for the both of us to let go. I never thought I'd be in this situation. It's just hard to choose when you have the best of both worlds and you love them both for different reasons. I know, I know...cheating is wrong. What can I say? I'm a man who wants to have his cake and eat it too.  Plenty of men do it every single day and I don't see a problem as long as I'm able to keep them both happy. All is fair in love and war, right? You want to know what happens next...check out Dudoir Confessions by Tanasia Thomas on

Khyree Jefferson

The Pretty Boy

Character: Dudoir Confessions

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