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Smoke & Mirrors 3

Pierce has her hands full. Managing her charity, medical practice, and family is harder than it looks, especially when you are the object of someone’s obsession. Someone who will do anything to make her his possession. Gabe has issues of his own. Each day that passes by, Domingo becomes more and more disrespectful, someone keeps intercepting the Cartel’s shipments and, once again, he has secrets that could tear his marriage apart. Tish is a changed woman, or so it seems. She finally has the life that she wants; a job with status, a life of luxury, and the love of a man who adores her. Tish vows to let nothing stand in the way of her happiness, especially not family. Breeze is trying his best to be a good father to his daughters. He feels like he’s making progress until one of them decides she wants to take a walk on the wild side, placing more than just herself in danger. In this final installment of Smoke & Mirrors, will secrets finally take their toll or will the love they all share be powerful enough to keep their family together?

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Smoke & Mirrors 2

***PREVIOUSLY RELEASED AS HER DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS 2**** Pierce and Gabe are now married and learning to adjust to their new life. Pierce continues in her medical residency while Gabe is determined to become fully legit. Pierce is forming a bond with her family and allowing them into her life. As with any new marriage, there are struggles; Gabe wants his wife to not work so hard while Pierce wishes her husband can get his business affairs in order so he can spend more time at home. Unfortunately for them both, the past shows up causing chaos in their lives. Agent Michael Johns is determined to find out what happened to Ace and he doesn't care who he has to cross, align with or hurt to do it. He's set his sights on Pierce as the answer to all his questions and refuses to let go. British still loves Gabe and, despite being banned from his life for her previous transgressions, she's got a surprise that she sees as a surefire ticket to get back into his life and his heart... forever. Although they vowed to be together forever, will the secrets they are keeping tear Pierce and Gabe apart or can love once again conquer all?

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Smoke & Mirrors


Pierce is young, beautiful, intelligent and seemingly perfect. A promising young medical student with a passion for helping others, she's trying desperately to forget the abuse of her past by selflessly serving others. Her life is going as planned until she meets Gabe, a handsome street-smart businessman who sweeps her off her feet. In the midst of their love affair, the pair soon learn that blood is thicker than water, lust is a weapon more deadly than any bullet, jealousy is a potent poison and money is truly the root of all evil. They each hold secrets of their own that could ruin their relationship and change their lives forever. As friends become foes, the past comes back for a second chance and secrets are revealed, can their love pass the test when skeletons start to come out of the closet?

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Dudoir Character Check-in: Omar Abdullah
The Suit
The Suit

It's Omar, the man your daddy warned you about. One who has no problem sliding in your girl's DMs and getting her to send some nudes.  Yeah, I'm like K.Michelle. 'I love them all' and I make no apologies for it. It's not my fault that women believe the clever lines I feed them, mistake the affection I show them for love, and become addicted to the taste of my caramel.  I mean, I can have any girl I want and pride myself on bedding the baddest chicks Miami has to offer. My motto has always been "love them and leave them."That is...until I met Demi.  She's the woman my mama always told me would come along and make me want to retire my player jersey like Jordan.  There's just one problem...she may just be a bigger player than me.  So, if you want to know what happens when a player meets his match, check out Dudoir Confessions.

Omar Abdullah

The Suit

Character: Dudoir Confessions

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Dudoir Confessions Character Check-in

What's up everybody? I'm Carter Jackson.  I would describe myself as a dead-ringer for Lance Gross which makes me one of the most handsome men in uniform you've ever seen. I'm a cool and calm gentleman with a weakness for a petite frame, a big butt, and a nice smile. Now, I know you're wondering, if I'm single. The answer is...barely. I mean, I have women in my life; my girl Kenya, and my crazy baby mama Yolanda. Kenya has been in my corner for a while now, but I'm still not sure if I'm ready to be in a fully committed relationship. Listen, I've got access to international beauties, so why would I settle for just one? Plus, you know that once you take the bait and give your heart to a woman, everything you do suddenly isn't good enough.  She'll start to compare you to her friend's man, and expect you to live up to their expectations.  I've been there and done that...twice to be exact, and I don't plan to travel that road ever again.  Yes, I love Kenya, but love doesn't come with an exit clause, and finding your way out could be a disaster. I know that, eventually, my time will run out soon, but until then, I'm listening to my corner and watching for the hook.

Carter Jackson

Airline Pilot

Character: Dudoir Confessions

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