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Dudoir Confessions Character Check-in

What's up everybody? I'm Carter Jackson.  I would describe myself as a dead-ringer for Lance Gross which makes me one of the most handsome men in uniform you've ever seen. I'm a cool and calm gentleman with a weakness for a petite frame, a big butt, and a nice smile. Now, I know you're wondering, if I'm single. The answer is...barely. I mean, I have women in my life; my girl Kenya, and my crazy baby mama Yolanda. Kenya has been in my corner for a while now, but I'm still not sure if I'm ready to be in a fully committed relationship. Listen, I've got access to international beauties, so why would I settle for just one? Plus, you know that once you take the bait and give your heart to a woman, everything you do suddenly isn't good enough.  She'll start to compare you to her friend's man, and expect you to live up to their expectations.  I've been there and done that...twice to be exact, and I don't plan to travel that road ever again.  Yes, I love Kenya, but love doesn't come with an exit clause, and finding your way out could be a disaster. I know that, eventually, my time will run out soon, but until then, I'm listening to my corner and watching for the hook.

Carter Jackson

Airline Pilot

Character: Dudoir Confessions

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