Strictly for the Ladies #9: Money Management

So I'm back from vacation and ready to keep these lessons coming. We have discussed many things so far and we left on evaluating a man's 5-year plan. Now, you need to see how this man manages his finances.  Talk is cheap so, if he isn't living the words he is speaking, you need to raise a white flag and take a pause for the cause. No matter what anyone tells you, yes a woman can have her own but, a man's finances are important.  Why? This man will eventually be the head of your household and making decisions about your overall finances as a family unit.  You say, I can teach him how to manage money or I can be the money manager.  This is also true but, if you are on two different pages when it comes to finances, you won't manage these finances without a struggle.  No matter what anyone says, you both have to be on the same page.  Although you can identify who is the "spender" and who is the "saver", if he is the saver and he isn't willing to change his habits or compromise, then your relationship will not last.  Finances is the #2 reason why people get divorced. Don't believe me? Research it for yourself. 

You must also think in the back of your mind if you really want to struggle or if you want to live a reasonably comfortable life.  How can you fully turn over your financial state to a man if he would rather make frivolous purchases like sneakers and rims before the bills in your household are taken care of?  A man who would rather look the part than play the actual role is not even worth wasting your time on.  I would rather have a man who doesn't wear the latest fashions or drive the latest car but has stacks upon stacks in the bank than be with someone who stands in line for the newest Jordan's then can't help me with his share of the mortgage.  I can be broke and struggling by myself.  Now, I am not saying that you  aren't supposed to date a man if he doesn't make tons of money or has a blue-collar job.  You can both make the effort to elevate your current situation and, if you have been following my previous posts, you know that a man with ambition, drive and a plan will not remain at his present life station for too long.  In the words of my husband, 'It's not what you make, it's what you save' and, if a man doesn't handle his priorities first; saving, paying bills, and taking care of the people in his home, then he is most certainly not worth the time or energy.  My husband always says that you can work at McDonald's and save money as long as you are living well below your means and not trying to keep up with the Joneses.  Stay in your lane. Live your life within your tax bracket and always strive to better your situation.  As always, watch for actions, never words. Love and be loved.

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